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 Jutsu Limitations (just quantity) and training

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Salva Hiriashi
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PostSubject: Jutsu Limitations (just quantity) and training   Sat Feb 21, 2009 8:56 pm

This list has been comprised from the combination of efforts of DCP and Dameon Shikyo. I give my thanks to Dameon and Xia for making this list possible. The list below is only for characters being created/new character applications. Remember, that once your character is made, you can train more jutsu.


For learning New Jutsu:

The jutsu training method is simple. The Jutsu training will be done by word count in a particular post, depending on the rank of the jutsu the word count will either be higher or lower. The chart is as follows:


This will be done in a topic marked by (Training) at the end of the topic name.

Moderators and Admins will check your topic to make sure the post was as good as it possibly could, especially for B-S Ranked Jutsu. If its not a quality post you will fail in creating the jutsu and will be asked to either remake the post or edit, depending on how bad it is.

That being said the first thing you should post when training for a new jutsu is the jutsu itself that you wish to learn, that way things are more organized.

Also any scroll obtained at the scroll shop for a particular jutsu will reduce the amount of required words as it has the 'secrets' to the jutsu within it. I'm not sure at the moment as it hasn't been discussed greatly but it might be decided when you buy the scroll just how much it reduces it. I will talk to Ket about that.


I think with poisons and such it should be similar to my idea where I sell and make potions/poisons. For now at least if I am selling it I wait a couple of days to give it to the person and have THEM PM me when its done.

Poisons should also be limited to the number of uses and how much yen/ryo it costs to make it. High ranking medical ninja and poison-users may also be able to make poison but they will need to RP for it and the poisons need to be approved so they are not OP.
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Jutsu Limitations (just quantity) and training
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