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 Creation Rules (weapons and equipment; go to other section for template)

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PostSubject: Creation Rules (weapons and equipment; go to other section for template)   Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:04 pm

Rules for creating customs such as jutsus weapons and clans.

Jutsu and equipment:

Rule 1.
Please keep it naruto like. No lazers or robots or super canon blasts. Keep it more ninja like ok. Guns ARE ok as long as they fire chakra and they are more in the time zone of naruto *Whatever that is* alright?
Crossbows are fine too.

Rule 2.

Please be fair and not to OP about your customs. Yes a mod will judge its Chakra cost and associated rank but please be sensible. Same with equipment - there shouldn't be many powerful or legendary weapons. Remember that powerful jutsu may have drawbacks to make it less OP.

Rule 3.
Wait for a mod to approve it and post it in your character application as a scroll for your jutsu. Then when you have learned the jutsu within the set amount of training posts for it then it shall be added as a jutsu and you can use it in the rpg and battles now. For equipment, it may be necessarily to RP creating or finding the associated weaponry (unless it is a common equipment e.g. katana).

Clan: Essentially the same to these three rules above. No OP clans. Clans have to be approved by a mod or admin. There must also be a kekkei genkai activation cost for most custom clans that have a special ability or blood line limit. More information on clans, is in the clan creation section.
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Creation Rules (weapons and equipment; go to other section for template)
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