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 Ryuzaki Clan

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PostSubject: Ryuzaki Clan   Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:54 pm

Name: Ryuzaki Clan

Origin:unknown. Used by the Ryuzaki Brothers. Other clan members is unkown to them.

Kekkei Gekkei:] Ryuzaki Style: Ryuzaki Inferno
Chakra Cost: 5 per each section of the body. (5X4) then able to raise the power three more times so times the total times 3.
2 arms 2 legs = 20cp
Double to power 40cp
Triple the power = 60cp
Description: Description: With the Style of the Ryuzaki this was one of their basic form of offense and defense. While focusing the fire element chakra they can make it so that The fist and feet are engulfed in flames. While adding damage it also leaves the opponent left with a burning effect.

Blaize is able to channel the flames that was stored up in his hands and feet and extended it out of his body. This skill can be used over again to increase the flame in his hands and feet. This skill can only increased three times. Also with each increase it takes that much hits or use to exit out of his body.
(For Example if Blaize uses this skill to engulf his hands in flame he can use it again to double the flame and damdge in his fist. In order to take out the flame Blaize must be hit in his fist twice[or in the arm or shoulder of the side of the engulfed fist] to let the flames go out. But if he extendes the flame out of his hands one time then the flame is gone and the skill must be used again in order top have flame in his hands.[The flame can go about 5 meters-Midrange])

Description: The only Power of the Ryuzaki that seemed the brothers have tapped in is the ability to learn and use fire element at an easier and faster rate then the other elements they try to learn. With that Said the clan is able to use/handle fire within there own will. (I.E Gaara's sand without the overpower of creating it from everywhere xD) There is a story within a close personal friend of the Flame Ninja's father. "The use of the fire was like no other. The shape of the flame can only be wielded by the member who can see ever color of its potential" This has been a small suggestion that the clan is able to have a different power within the different colors of the flame. This has been known to be true because the red/orange flame has been used for offence and defense from the Flame Ninjas but they have used a White flame for their Medical ninjutsu.

Clan History:Not much is know of this clan. The only known survivors of the clan are the Flame Ninja's Kyo and Blaize Ryuzaki. The only two things that have been noticed about their clans from the past. Is a flame type symbol on their parents headbands and The ability to use fire element at an easy rate. Though with the history a blur the two have made use of the clan's styles and has made there way into creating the history within thier present.

(If ne questions read the history on my pro or pm me or post here)
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuzaki Clan   Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:47 am

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Ryuzaki Clan
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