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 The Fenikkusu (Complete)

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PostSubject: The Fenikkusu (Complete)   Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:37 am

Species NameFenikkusu

Species Looks At first glance, The fenikkusu could be mistaken for angels, but there are colors to their wings other than white, and their hands and feet are that of a birds. Other than that, they look human. The bird claws tend to be yellow, tinged with the color of their skin on the scales. The wings are different colors the same as hair color. Hair tends to be somewhat feathery. If you've ever seen the feathers on an emu, think of their hair like those primitive feathers. Here's a picture of an emu, just for people who haven't seen them before, and as help getting a mental picture of the hair.

See how each strand is visible from the other, even from several feet away? That's the difference between a Fennikkusu's and a human's hair. While some of the Fennikusu have black hair, most of them have unusual hair colors that would be out of place in the real world. If a bird in real life has that feather color, you can bet that there's a Fenikkusu with that hair color. This also leads to many of them having multiple hair colors on the same head.

Species personality No visible difference from humans in this area.

Species HistoryThis race was used to be human's living upon the mountain Jusendo, but they used a magic spring where a bird drowned (...don't ask about those springs, it's magic) for their water for drinking, and anything they needed for labor, which had the effect of turning them part bird after a while. Oddly, despite the fact that only one type of bird drowned there, each member of the Fenikkusu people seems to be based off a different kind of bird, their king being part phoenix. They are considering joining up with Konoha, and becoming a part of that village, like what Kisame's race did with the Hidden Mist.

Species specialtiesEvery Member of the fennikusu can fly, but that's rather obvious. Their claws are also nasty weapons in battle, and they don't need hand-signs to use jutsu, using them through sheer force of will. However, one of the disadvantages to being a member of this race is that they can't use Genjutsu. Not just don't know it, but actually physically can't. This also leaves their resistance to Genjutsu unreliable at best. Feathers are sharp and go into rapid rigor mortis after being plucked, making them very effective as acupuncture darts. Every Fennikusu has one of the five canon naruto elements that they lean too, and have no problem using in jutsu. However, only the king has fire, for some reason. One of the abilities that is almost useless in battle is complete regeneration. They heal at the same rate as normal people, but normal people heal damage until it is functional again and then stop, leaving many tiny injuries building up over life. Not so with Fennikusu. They heal damage until it is gone, making them capable of healing anything with enough time alive. Say a person got terrible burns on their hand. They would heal until their hand would work again, but it would still be scarred and ugly. A Fennikkusu would heal until all that damage is gone. This complete healing leads to longer lifespans. The royal member of the fennikusu has abilities of his own, that stem after phoenix's. There is only one royal member, as whenever he dies, the new one's egg form's out of his ash, which his body turns too automatically upon death. He hatches several minutes later, an empty slate, with no memories or personality of his previous life, meaning killing him still removes him from your list of enemies. However, The phoenix king is still very powerful, with almost instant regeneration, and able to emit rock melting heat with his aura, and several of his moves are powerful enough to vaporize rock. Like the rest of his people, he does not use hand-signs, and simply emits this raw flame at times of his choosing.

I think it would be best if the royal member would just be an NPC. I'm not using him, he's just way too strong.

Also, I have a question. With the character creation, when you make a character of a race other than human, would that be considered a clan?
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Salva Hiriashi
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PostSubject: Re: The Fenikkusu (Complete)   Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:39 pm

it can be, this can count as a clan app as well if you want.
And accepted!!
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The Fenikkusu (Complete)
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