Here is another branch from Naruto rpg reborn. By joining, I will ensure that you will have fun if RPing is your thing!
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 Ultimate Ninja

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PostSubject: Ultimate Ninja   Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:23 pm

Are you tired of being a person limited by power? Ultimate Ninja we have power to give. Come on and join make your own clan or even possibly join another. We have all Bijuu open and even the curse seals are approved as long as you have admin approval.

What is Ultimate Ninja:
Ultimate Ninja Roleplaying site that is dedicated
to the interest of Naruto in a Roleplaying environment. We strive
ourselves in helping and fixing the problems you may face in your
roleplaying environment.

Who runs the Site?: Currently,
the head admin to the site is a user who goes by the name of Simply Devine's the owner of Ultimate Ninja but he doesn't do it alone. Other admin are L,Hitomi, and Lark. Mods are still pretty much open at the moment, but this site will be fun and exciting and we're looking for all to join.

How you can contact us?: Well, obviously the link is in the title but if that one does not work then you can try this.
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Ultimate Ninja
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