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 panama for a month

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kagome sabaku

kagome sabaku

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PostSubject: panama for a month   Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:01 am

I'm sorry guys, but mu mom just got married to some young person who she only knew for a week, and to make matters worse, he lives in panama. Thus i have to travel to panama to go see him, and over this summer i have to spend a whole month in panama!
Ya a whole month, never the less I have to go, but ill be back. That's a promise!

Until I return I am placing mino in charge!
He is already admin, and I'm giving him permission to do whatever he needs to do keep this site active!

~Mino can promote any one to any rank that he sees fit, and demote as well.
~He has the ability to perma ban, and IP ban.
~Whe I am gone, Mino is head admin, until I log on.
I am obviously in command but I am temporarily placing that burden on mino.

Mino, and other mods, and whom ever he promotes (although hopefully not to many)Please keep this site active and advertise! I love this site, and love you guys, please don't lemme down, when I log on next I wanna see that my members are active.

And mino start to draft some genin of all villages that are open (kiri, suna, and konoha) so we can start things like the chuunin exams, and an official story line!

thanks guys!
You rock!
Ill be back!
And hopefully I can log on here in panama!
Bye for a month!
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Salva Hiriashi
Salva Hiriashi

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PostSubject: Re: panama for a month   Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:50 am

Oh my god!
It turns out I can go on the Internet in panama!
So I will be as active as possible!!
Even so, mino is at a very high position while I'm not on!
Alright bye!
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panama for a month
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