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 Village Without Warmth

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PostSubject: Village Without Warmth   Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:17 pm

"Well, It's getting late. I ought to go to bed already." thought Ryouga, stopping on his meandering trek. He had been walking all day, and was starting to get tired. As he started setting up his tent, he wondered just where he was, and why did the rock faces over there look so familiar?

Ryouga didn't know it, nor would he ever know where he was for any long period of time, but at the moment he's in Konoha.

"well, goodnight me." he said to himself, as he fell asleep in the tent he had set up. Too bad he didn't know just what he would weake up to tommorow, as he probably would have taken off at a dead sprint out of the village if he had.

(The next morning)

At some point in our lives, we all wake up to a little voice. A voice that tells us that today will be a special day. Normal people get it on Christmas, or their birthday. Your average ninja gets it on the day they graduate to genin. Ryouga had gotten it the day he met Ranma. It was also telling him, as he woke up, that today would be a special day.

Looking back on these two incidents, Ryouga would later come to the conclusion that his little voice was a (expletives deleted) psycho.

"Hm." Ryouga thought as he woke up. "It's cold. VERY cold." he was freezing. Looking for the source, and to try and find something to warm up with, Ryouga left his tent. "Huh. That's odd." he thought overlooking the landscape. It was completely covered in snow, every single building, every face on The Hokage mountain, every... well the pissed off ninja's standing in the street, trying to make fires, and failing with fire jutsu's (That will be a plot point, I promise) weren't covered in snow. They were however, looking rather cold. A dawning Realization came over Ryouga.

"Wait, isn't it supposed to be summer? WHERE ON EARTH AM I NOW?!"
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Village Without Warmth
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