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 Achieving Perfection: One step at a time(Part 1, Training, Private)

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PostSubject: Achieving Perfection: One step at a time(Part 1, Training, Private)   Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:29 pm

Osaru was walking through a shaded walkway to the top of the Hokage Mountain. He looked around and saw plants, and trees and small animals. The sun was shining bright, and the wind was kept to a slight breeze. Most would consider this a 'perfect day'. Osaru didnt. He wasnt planning on seeing his friends, for he had none, or hanging out at the lake with everyone else. He was going to seize this opportunity to train under the heat of the sun. He was planning on trying out for the ANBU Black Ops, but he knew he couldnt make it at the level he was now. He needed to train, train and then train some more. Train until he couldnt stand the thought of it, and train more from there. He was going to achieve his version of perfection, one step at a time and today was going to be the first step! He continued walking up the little-known path to the top of the mountain. He got here after under ten minutes; half of what it took most other shinobis and citizens. He took the last few steps and walked silently to the edge. From there, he could see the whole village. The village that shut him out. The village that shot him down. The village, that despite it all, still had his respect. A few select shinobi made a lifetime of hell in the place worthwhile. They believed in him when no one else did. If it wasnt for them, he wouldnt be here today. He was going to prove to them that it wasnt all a waste. That he had some potential and power. He was going to show the whoel world that they were wrong!

Osaru just sighed as he did some stretches. He streched his legs, arms, back and his neck. All of this work just so he didnt cramp up. One never knew when a cramp was coming, and one never knew how dangerous they could prove to be. Osaru didnt plan on finding out. He just did this so he could train without interuptions. After his stretchs, he stood up, stretched his back one last time, and drew three kunai. These kunai were plain, undistinguished, and void of any markings or accessories. He focused his chakra in them, from his heart, to his fingers, to the kunai. Then back from the kunai, to his fingers, then back to his heart chakra. All of this just so he could become one with the kunai, and learn about it, then use that learning to use the kunai in ways never thought of before. He felt every single part of the kunai, with his chakra. From the hilt with the loop, to the tip of the blade; no part of it was unknown to Osaru. He even felt the molecules in the kunai, taht amde up the cold, hard steel of the simple, yet deadly weapon. Such a tool thats been used by just about every single academy student, to every single Kage, one would think all of its uses would be discovered. But Osaru was going to learn how to use it in ways no shinobi has never used them before. He was going to advance the teachings of this tool far beyond what any shinobi could even comprehend!

[OOC: Not done yet. Still in major progress!]

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Achieving Perfection: One step at a time(Part 1, Training, Private)
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