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 The re-appearance of Iatsu

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Iatsu Sabaku

Iatsu Sabaku

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PostSubject: The re-appearance of Iatsu   Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:02 am

Blood splattered on the rock as the last body dropped - dead. He smiled at the disassembled and useless ANBU team of four, all either dead, or unable to heal again, and would be dead very shortly. It seemed that for the pride of the Konoha village, they would make sure to have some one higher than that skill level looking out in the night. Even he had heard of his sister recent rise to power, and although he was infuriated, he knew he could use it to his own power. After all, he had always been more than her. This being so however, he had heard of her as the leader of the Akatsuki, and had head of her amazing power, and brilliance while fighting. It had been to long since they had seen each other, and it was about time to see how was truly more powerful than the other by now.

Another kunai came flying at his head, whizzing past it as he simply tilted it, causing the kunai to slam into the ground behind it. What a clumsy throw. Then came the thrower, another ANBU, apparently the fifth of the squad, who would have done better just running away. But no, Konoha ninja were trained to be honorable, and all that bull shit. It didn't matter to him, he was the one who would have the pleasure of seeing the life slip from another body, his favorite thing.

The ANBU came down, a sword in his hand, raised above his head, ready to fall upon the waiting Iatsu, in no way scared of the falling 'predator'. Then the sword fell, with enough force to smash the blade, as well as a boulder, but not ebough to stop the easy block given by Iatsu, allowing the sword to come down into his hand - his puppet hand. Quickly the hand full of hidden weapons crushed the medal of the sword, and sent the ANBU flying into a tree, putting a cruel dent into its surface.

Iatsu moved with great speed, ontop of the ANBU in a second, evil and intent rage in his eyes. He punched with full force, allowing the ANBU to block it, breaking the bones in his arms, but not allowing him to foresee the hidden blade that quietly came from the hand, and slid itself deep into the ANBU's throat, killing him after a short and muffled scream into the darkness.

Iatsu stood, not a drop of blood on him. He was back...
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The re-appearance of Iatsu
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