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 Second Branch of the Kaosu -Narame-

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PostSubject: Second Branch of the Kaosu -Narame-   Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:57 pm

Name: Narame
Kekkei Gekkei: Aneiharisaiten -Shadowing Crystal Marking-
Chakra Cost:
AS: 10
Genin/D ranked: 50
Chuunin/C ranked: 100
Special Jounin: 120
Jounin/B ranked: 150
Anbu/A ranked: 200
S ranked: 210
Kage/X ranked: 250

Description: This particular Kekkei Genkai was founded by the Narame after finding a cavern full of a special crystal, known as 'Narusu', dangerous to the Kazura bloodline. These crystals were then formed to the Narame bloodline, through endless generations of the clan, many of them were prosperous in finding ways of their power over crystallization of chakra, in different shapes and forms of marking themselves with crystals at birth, and through mating through clans. Even with this in mind, the Narame men have always been training with their Kin and family. The women of the clan also trained hardly in severe situations, some of them pleasantly, some not. This so called, 'Crystal' is placed on the middle forehead and 'Manhood' or 'Womanhood' area of a ninja when at birth.

The Markings of the Ninja at birth are depended on what emotion they show when they are born. When they cry, they get a markings of a serpent on their back, made with chakra. When they are happy when they are born, they get a dragon marking along the side of their arms and legs, showing the intent of power through them. Any other emotion is placed with a marking of a snake, showing the intent of a slow, easygoing kind of ninja.

Special Effect: Aneiharisaiten - Shadow Crystal Marking -
The crystal implanted within the user at birth grows with the chakra it feeds off of during the course of the ninja's life. At childhood is the time when the crystal is growing the most, protecting the ninja from most Taijutsu and Ninjutsu tactical attacks. The crystal can be easily manipulated at a certain age of the ninja, around the age of Chuunin and Jounin is the best age for the manipulate of the Crystal. Since this Kekkei Genkai was birthed in the Land of the Moon, this technique works much better in the darkness, more than the light. When the Crescent or full moon of the night is out, power of the crystal is manipulated at a better pace then a regular type of manipulation. With the reflection of the moon's light against the shining colored crystal, it can vary in it's power of the manipulation of crystal and use it to an advantage over most others, and can result in many other types of attacks and defensive types of barriers.

The Crystal is a dangerous sort of crystal, known for Absorbing chakra to a point where it can kill a user if too exposed to it. But when a ninja is implanted with the crystal, it actually absorbs the chakra and stores it for later use on the life of the ninja. Maybe to save their life, maybe for different kinds of purposes.

The Narusu can also be used as a medical item and remove chakra from a serious wound and place it back to the ninja afflicted and use it to do many other types of medical research. Various types of duties and abilities are held with the crystal, and can and only be used by the member wielding it's great power. Two Narame can only control their own crystal, and can't touch another, because the same effect will just result in total downfall to one's chakra network.

Way of Life: The Narame’s sort of appearance relies on the color of crystal they are implanted with at birth. The Crystal takes on a variety of colors and shapes, tending to the skin color, hair color, nail, etc on the user so it’s pretty common to have the same kind of appearance, or other kinds of ways of life. The crystallized portion of the body is mostly an arm or leg, maybe about half the face or hair, it depends on where the crystal is located.

The Narame focus on the main profession of Farming and Medical research. With their supply of Narusu crystal, they are able to heal the wounds of injured people with herbs, medicines, and other types of medical treatment, including using their own crystal as a healing source. With that in mind, they make a good place to farm with the crystallization of themselves and a desired field, making it easier to till soil and make it easier to grow food.

Clan History:In the description
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Number of posts : 8
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PostSubject: Re: Second Branch of the Kaosu -Narame-   Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:57 pm

All credit goes to Zane-kun! This clan belongs to him I am not copywriting ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Second Branch of the Kaosu -Narame-   Tue Feb 24, 2009 7:02 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Second Branch of the Kaosu -Narame-   

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Second Branch of the Kaosu -Narame-
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