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 Salva Alone

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Salva Hiriashi
Salva Hiriashi

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PostSubject: Salva Alone   Sat Feb 28, 2009 10:35 am

the wind blew, swaying the bamboo. Salva's hair brushed against her neck. she felt useless tonight, as this was the exact day her family forgot about her. anger built up inside her, without noticing it Salva grasped her held kunai, wanting to smash something. she was heading to the place that reminded her of the most happy moments of her life, the moments spent with her mother and father, before their separation. why did this happen to her, why would some one want to do this to her? tears whelled up in her eyes, im not weak, I can follow my nindo, im can do it, right, im not a failure to the shinobi of the Hiriashi's clan... am I... no no im not... right...? Salva left the question hanging, doubting herself greatly... the tears left her eyes and fell to the ground... splashing against its hard surface. Things had gotten better, but she would never forget.

suddenly her thoughts were shattered by the sounds of a person nearing her location. The sound of their foot-steps carried out among the bamboo which hid the crying girls location. who was that... did they see her... who were they? Salva pushed the last jutting bomboo tree out of the way to see.
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Salva Alone
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